Franklin Global Capital


The Franklin Trading Algorithmic Models — differentiates themselves by being based on true predicative analysis as well as an extensive study of relationships between currencies, countries, economies and world markets. This far-reaching inter-relational analysis has been used to construct the Franklin Forex and Forex Futures Trading Indicators and Reports. Get ProTrader Access (Click Here)

Benefits of Trading with the Franklin Trading Algorithmic Models

These days it is common to find trading reports and indicators that have been quickly cobbled together out of already existing ones. While this approach may provide a smattering of bells and whistles, it lacks the type of depth and integrity that a cohesive, rich model requires. In contrast, the Franklin Algorithmic Models grew from in-depth analysis and a broad, global view, thus providing more consistent and comprehensive currency trading prognosticators.

The Franklin Forex and Forex Futures Trading Indicators and Reports are designed for seeking statistical arbitrage, trends, key reversals and providing predictive insight during all trading times, although it makes the most sense to exploit statistical opportunities during theoretically lower volatility trading sessions. The misconception about Forex is that trading during peak times leads to greater profits. While currency trading ranges are greater during this time, the ability to predict directional changes is much more challenging due to potentially excessive volatility. The Franklin Trading Algorithmic Models thrives off this potentially excessive volatility for discovering statistical misalignments in the Forex markets for statistical arbitrage and highly probable trading moments during typically low volatility trading times. Utilizing spread and unilateral trading techniques, the Franklin Forex and Forex Futures Trading Indicators and Reports can help to exploit these opportunities.  Get the Total FGC Access Indicator Package (Click Here)